5 Steps To Buying Rental Properties In Philadelphia

Considering buying rental properties in Philadelphia? Here are the basic steps: Step 1. Why Rental Properties Before buying rental properties in Philadelphia, PA, ask yourself: what is my goal with the property? Will I be renovating and reselling the property? Will I hold the property long term and collect rental income? Will I live in … Continued

How To Diversify Your Investment Portfolio In Philadelphia

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5 Steps To Buying Vacant Land In Philadelphia

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6 Cost Effective Ways To Improve Your Philadelphia Rental Property

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What To Do If Your Tenants Asks To Sub-Lease In Philadelphia

There are a variety of reasons why your tenant may ask to sub-lease in Philadelphia. Some landlords are fine with it, while others are not. Learn more about the process in our latest post! Sublets can work out just fine so long as the tenant has received the permission of the landlord. All contracts need … Continued

5 Things To Look For When Buying Land in Philadelphia

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